My super-talented best friend Zoë Wadey and I have teamed up this week. Zoë has been teaching Pilates in Claygate for ten years and teaches both mat and reformer classes throughout the week.

Here are her top activewear tips along with my high-street faves to take you from school run to gym.

Wear a fitted top. You can keep it loose round the tummy so long as the waist is snug. Your instructor will want to see your alignment, if your clothes are too baggy we can’t see if you are engaging your core correctly.

Lift your arms above your head to check your top doesn’t ride up and reveal skin. It can be chilly and it’s distracting to have to keep tugging it down.

Layer up. No matter what form of exercise you are doing if you wear layers it’s easier to stay the right temperature as your activity levels go up and down.

Choose bottoms with a wide waistband, it helps to smooth the tummy and is more comfortable when you are on the mat.

Do the opaque test. Bend over in the changing room and get a glimpse of your bottom in the mirror. Can you see your underwear waving hello through the fabric as it stretches?

Beware of mesh details. It looks great on leggings but the combination of two materials moving together can sometimes cause downward creep. Try the ‘lunge and squat test’ a few times in the changing room to make sure things stay put.