I'm a positive (caffeine fuelled) happy mum of two

who tends to go with the flow but I feel like I can’t let this one go. So this is me raising my hand and speaking up. In fact shouting down the voices that surround us all about what we should wear! It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? It’s sounds like such a tiny thing. It’s not. It’s about self esteem, it’s about confidence and most of all taking back control. I’m not talking about fashion I bloody love fashion, shopping and clothes. I worked in fashion and I’m now a personal shopper and stylist, so it sounds slightly weird that as someone who advises on clothes I’m saying we have had enough advice thank you very much! There is a huge difference between helping someone rediscover their own sense of style and telling someone what they should and shouldn’t wear.

I’m talking about ‘the rules’. Subconsciously we use these as a filter across everything we look at. Choosing something to wear that you like should be a joy, it’s an absolute privilege we have in this country. It’s pretty straightforward to choose clothes that you like and that you think will suit you after having managed to dress yourself for about 30 years. Ahhhh but then there are the rules. These are what stop us in our tracks and fill us with self doubt.

We are categorised and then sub categorised by age, height, weight, body shape until the box that you have been allocated is so small, restrictive and joyless it means that you lose all sight of wearing things that you actually like. You start to forget your own style and disappear.

Since I started my business I have met some of the most incredible women. Mothers, entrepreneurs, teachers, captains of industry, in short incredible women who I am passionate about helping to rediscover their own sense of style. They may have got in touch because they took a step back from themselves (usually when they had babies) and when they came to putting the pieces back together again, of who they are now, their confidence has been sapped by the constant categorising nonsense.

I say stick the rules. Life is very short, please don’t waste it on trying to dress ‘streamlined’ or ‘balanced’ which is essentially ‘thin’. It’s all about confidence. Dressing to your body shape means trying to look thinner. It is a waste of time and energy. Enjoy it and have fun with it, your style is your own and will evolve over time. Finally lets not worry what other people think and be kinder. If we all consciously stop thinking ‘what was she thinking’ about the women who clearly hasn’t looked in the mirror and instead think ‘I wonder why she hasn’t had the time to look in the mirror?’ it may throw up some more relevant answers. Maybe she has just finished a night shift in a neonatal unit or maybe she’s not into clothes. Let’s not pull her apart over it.

Anyway I’ve had my soap box rant I guess in summary, dress for how you would like the world to see you, don’t let the world tell you how to dress.