Too cool for school

We use lots of different phrases for them. The type of people who always turn up looking just right, well put together, effortless, cool.
But what is it that defining quality that sets their style apart? A very few people are born with it and we know them from an early age....The 'cool' girls at school, we coverted their secret ankle chains and hair scrunchies.
This is followed by the teenage years of angst. Saturday afternoons spent in Topshop communal changing rooms throwing off outfit after outfit copying their style. After alot of angst we hit our 20s, the decade of 'fitting in' at work, dieting and cross training away our hips and bums.
It's been a slog but here's the best news. I think that we only really start to find our style credentials in our 30's and they grow from there. Positively blooming through our 30s and 40's and never stop growing.
The introduction of pregnancy, babies and toddlers can throw us off track a little (dear god just let me sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time) but we do return, slightly bleary eyed to the high street with a new fire in our belly. 'If I don't rediscover who I am I will drown in a sea of supermarket tee shirts.'
It's that time spent in the fashion wilderness of supermarket aisles and online multi buys that gives us the impetus to carve out our own style, rediscover our individuality, finally embrace our curves and wear what we love.
Childbirth aside our 30's is the decade we start to take flight at work and really start to find out who we are. We've enough experience, quite rightly to be considered a valuable decision maker.
All these life events build one thing. Confidence. That in one word is what the girl with the ankle chain in Year 5 had.
In your 30s and 40's you develop it in bucket loads and it's all that was missing in your 20's.

The confidence to experiment. Body confidence and the confidence to buy what you love.

The holy trinity if you will.

Take this moment in time, grab it with both hands, wear the culottes, the bikini, the yellow dress. You've done the hard yards girls, you got this.